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As a result of reductions in the cost of PV panels, solar power use in the UK has increased rapidly during the last decade. Many homes and businesses now use solar panels to reduce heating and lighting costs. However, along with the use of solar panels comes the problem of keeping them clean to maintain their efficiency.

SB Window Cleaning Services can provide a professional cleaning service to meet the demand and currently operate throughout the Cheshire area.

Before and after cleaning

Although in some cases solar panel installed in the UK are supposed to be self cleaning, this relies on rain to wash off surface dirt. But stubborn dirt and dust particles, and any build up of sticky residue, bird muck and algae can eventually cause your solar panels to operate at less than their designed efficiency.

See the before and after picture and notice the difference after cleaning.

Solar panel cleaning services in Cheshire

Solar panels need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their maximum efficiency and output. Cleaning once per year is generally recommended, though twice year is better if you live in areas where there is a lot of air pollution.

Dirty solar panels can lose to 25% efficiency if left dirty, so a regular cleaning routine can help reduce any unwanted loss of energy savings.

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Solar panel cleaning services in Cheshire